Free Subdomains and Free Dynamic DNS

Free and simple IPv4 & IPv6 dynamic DNS for personal use.  Register your own subdomains (for free) or use your own custom domains (you must own the domain name).  If you want to run a server from a connection with a dynamic IP address, you can with our free dynamic DNS service.  When and if your IP address changes, your server can make a call to our API endpoint (using our free Dynamix Client software for Windows and Linux available for download) and immediately update your DNS record so that requests are NOT interrupted by a dynamic IP address change.  Run a server from your home internet connection, connect to a camera on a dynamic IP address remotely using a subdomain or domain name, map or assign a subdomain or domain name to an IP address, and more using our free platform.

Free subdomain registration.  All of our subdomains support Dynamic DNS, but they don't have to use a dynamic IP address.  If you just want a free subdomain that points to a static IP address, you can do that too.

Pro business accounts are also available at a low rate of $49.95 per month.  Pro business accounts allow you to create and manage unlimited users.  Embed our Dynamic DNS service into your routers and other devices that support Dynamic DNS (DDNS).

Simply put, we offer free, secure, simple, and easy-to-use dynamic DNS with unlimited name to IP address DNS queries.

Dynamix cannot be used for any criminal purposesAccounts are monitored and deleted for any malicious activity.  Criminals need not apply.  Your account will be DELETED and completely ERASED if your URLs are used to facilitate abuse or criminal activity!

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Dynamic DNS Global Domain Name System Solution

Video Guide - Using Dynamix

For only $49.95 per month, and you'll get all of these additional features:

  • Create unlimited user accounts.
  • Access customer API endpoints to suspend, unsuspend, create, delete, and manage your users.
  • Resell our services.
  • Embed Dynamix support into your hardware.

And so much more...